Keep calm and don’t fear the crisis (with tzatziki sauce)

È arrivata la trudzione del mio articolo sulla crisi in Grecia dell’anno scorso, grazie a Maria Elena Gazillas! Aspettiamo il testo in greco!

“Keep calm and don’t fear the crisis (with Tzatziki sauce)”

About a year ago I read this article a friend wrote. I liked it a lot so I asked him if I could translate it from Italian to English and Greek in order to make it possible for more people to read. Well, it took me a year, but the timing couldn’t be better
…and at the end there is also a recipe for vegan Tzatziki!

(For whoever wants to read it in Italian you will find the link to the original article on the bottom of this one, and the facebook page of the blog for more vegan politics Emoticon wink )

by Salvatore Salvatore Barbixa Pireddu

{the image reads: “FEAR – RUNS OVER A MAN AND FLEES”}
“Untamed Genoa/ July’s tears/ instill fear as a form of control”, where the lyrics of a great song by Linea 77.
Today I saw a newspaper’s poster, the “il resto del Carlino”, that decided to use a clearly poised and not sensationalist tone. “FEAR” for a man that got run over. “JUDGEMENT DAY” for the Italian team’s football game. But I don’t want to be afraid. I don’t want to feel bad for things that I don’t care about. I might be irresponsible and immature, but I don’t want to see opinions that distort the facts. The big fear of our time is the crisis. From time to time seasoned with casual fears, like violence, poverty, but most of all the weather and traffic. If there is one thing I learned from my personal experience with bullies is that who is affraid spends his time dreading the pain and suffering even when there is nothing to dread. Who isn’t afraid suffers exactly as the one who is afraid, but only for the time that is necessary to recover from eventual injuries. So that’s sparing a great deal of time and unnecessary grief.

The opinion that I have formed on the matter of this crisis is that the fear of what its effects could be acted as a deterrent to convince people of various bullshit: jobs need to be sacrificed; social spending needs to be cut; reduce health care; we can’t cut useless and monstruous projects like the TAV or the war aircrafts. The white collar bullies have convinced us that we have to be afraid of them. Otherwise the crisis will hurt us. The great boogeyman story that we are being fed is that of the greek crisis. Yesterday I watched “InDebito”, the masterpiece created by Vinicio Capossela and Andrea Segre, filmed in Greece in the tavernas where songs of love and rebellion are sang. And this film made me think.
The crisis? The true scoop is that we are producing more than what we could ever dispose of. We throw away tons of perfectly good food. We invest in stuff that doesn’t exist. This is the true crisis. The idea that whole containers of perfectly edible food can be thrown out while the planet is starving.
To counter the crisis.
Cut the welfare benefits while the weakest commit suicide due to dispair.
The crisis is all this.

There’s a moment when you can see the bully for what he really is: weak, coward, a looser that will suck in life. Capossela and Segre’s movie shows a Greece full of ancient dignity that walks on the legs of a culture of thousands of years and sings in the face of the new tyrants of money. The crisis is afraid of culture and dignity. Keep hold of both if you want to fight the crisis. Do not compromise with it today, because like a bully does, it will come back tomorrow to ask you for more.

It’s hot and presumably there is a crisis. Better get something refreshing. A fresh sauce that comes from Greece is the well-known Tzatziki. The vegan version requires an now easy-to-find ingredient: soy yogurt.
Ingredients: 3 cucumbers, 100gr of soy yogurt, a clove of garlic, 3 tbs of extra virgin olive oil.
Peel and slice the cucumbers, cutting them in the middle lenghtwise. Put them in a strainer sprinkling them with a handful of salt and let them dry for half an hour at least. Gently squeeze them with a cloth, briefly rince them to get rid of the salt and squeeze them once more. Repeat if necessary. Grate them, with a food processor if you want, or a big-hole grater, add the finely minced garlic, the yogurt and the oil. Stir and καλή όρεξη!


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